Saturday, June 12, 2010

Harvick vs. Logano and picks

Sorry for not getting on here this week, I've been unusally busy, but you don't want to hear about the labor pains, you just want to see the baby, so here goes.

The Harvick-Logano feud
There's no question Harvick turned around Logano on what would have been the final lap at Pocono last week. It's as if Harvick is playing the role of neighborhood bully when he sees Logano, and is almost daring Logano to hit back. Well, Logano did want to hit back after the race, Harvick says his biggest problem is with Logano's dad, Tom, whom Harvick thinks is micromanaging his son's career. Logano just turned 20 in May, so it's not too far-fetched to think his father should be involved at least on some level. But if Harvick's problem is with Tom Logano, he should take that up with Tom Logano, not Joey.
It was also good that Logano showed some emotion afterward, showing he cared and wasn't afraid of Harvick. In hindsight, he should have maybe said a his peace a little calmer, and just repay Harvick on the track when he gets a chance ... but that still might happen. As for the DeLana Harvick "wearing the fire suit comments'', you have to give her some credit for making a T-shirt out of that and selling it with the profits going to the Kevin Harvick Foundation.
And really, what was A.J. Allmendinger doing on that last lap at Pocono? Going for a top 10 with about eight other guys, but he shouldn't have run Kasey Kahne into the grass, especially with Kahne being a teammate the rest of this year.
First a look at last week's results:
Denny Hamlin: The winner, not a surprise, you're welcome.
Kyle Busch: Finished second, also not surprise, you're welcome again.
Tony Stewart: Took third, did it playing the fuel game, you're welcome one more time.
Joey Logano: Took 13th, was battling for fourth when he overdrove his car, allowing Harvick to close in during battle for fifth, before the dramatic bump in the third turn.
Jeff Gordon: Finished 32nd, OK, you got me on that one.

This week's picks for Michigan:

Carl Edwards: A Ford's got to win sometime this year and Michigan has been a great place for the Roush cars.
Kyle Busch: Well, he's just been too good to not pick lately.
Jeff Gordon: Come on dude, you gotta win one.
Jamie McMurray: He's run good at Michigan, and has looked on the fast tracks, where aerodynamics is so important.
Jimmie Johnson: He's sort of due for a win, too, but nothing like teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 71-race winless streak going into today.

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