Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ten reasons not to hate Jeff Gordon with fashion disaster video

Back in the day, well, mostly from the mid-1990s until the early 2000s, Jeff Gordon was one of NASCAR's most popular drivers. But a lot of that popularity wasn't necessarily positive, as Gordon came off with the persona of having the perfect life. It seemed everything he did was right. There were times where he was seemingly out of races, only to comeback and win. He won four Sprint Cup titles, but his last one came in 2001.
So, really, why hate him now?
Here's 10 reasons we don't have to anymore.

10. He's been through a divorce.
9. Sometimes gets mad at teammate Jimmie Johnson
8. He's a teammate with Dale Earnhardt Jr.
7. Gave up trying to grow mustache.
6. Spun while leading race at Watkins Glen in 2007
5. Struggled to find primary sponsorship this season
4. No longer attempts to wear clothes like you see in this 1993 video

3. He's not Kyle Busch
2. He's not Kevin Harvick
1. He's got a two children and says being a dad is special to him.

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