Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some appealing answers, questions for Knaus

So, in a not so stunning development, NASCAR officials upheld their ruling that the No. 48 car of Jimmie Johnson came to Daytona last month with illegal C-Posts. That means the appeal of Hendrick Motorsports on behalf of crew chief Chad Knaus and car chief Ron Malec failed. Hendrick Motorsports released a statement Tuesday saying they would take the appeal to one last step, NASCAR's supreme court, where both sides sit in front of a commissioner and make their case.
And this point, the Hendrick team has nothing to lose. The penalties of 25 owner and driver points to the No. 48, the six-week suspensions of Knaus and Malec, and a $100,000 fine to Knaus leave Hendrick no choice but to take this to a higher court. Johnson has rebounded to finish fourth and second the past two weeks and is now 23rd in the points standings. It's a team that's performing like it has something to prove.
Apparently Knaus and Hendrick didn't have enough proof in their appeal argument Tuesday. So here's a list of 10 suggestions for Knaus to throw out there in the final appeal to help increase the chances of a favorable ruling.

10. What? You didn't use the 3D glasses?
9. Hasn't anybody told you I know more than you do?
8. Didn't you go to college at C.W. Post?
7. C3PO is my favorite Star Wars character and he's legal right.
6. CP3 (Chris Paul who wears No. 3) is my favorite NBA player.
5. I thought you said I can't see the post, so I made it bigger.
4. My first name starts with a C, so there's that.
3. I told them to put that on the 88, not the 48
2. Follow directions? Don't you know guys don't read directions.
1. Oooohhh, the C-Post. I thought Mr. Hendrick said to put on the Z-Post. My bad.

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