Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hello to all,

Sorry to see it's raining in Texas today. The weather wasn't good there Saturday and forecast is not good for today. There may be some Monday racing tomorrow.

A little bit about this blog:
I do love NASCAR and follow it quite closely. Sometimes I think they could do a better job at times with various issues that arise on and off the track.
I like the fact that NASCAR sometimes will change the rules in midseason. A little unusual compared to other sports, but if the competitors are telling you something's broke, then fix it.
I can't take complete credit for the name of this blog. It's from a song called "Ignition" by a freaky dude named TobyMac. It was used on some of the NASCAR TV promos a couple of years ago.
I like drivers who are honest and make an effort to speak their minds. So, Yes, Kyle Shrub, Tony Stewart, those are the dudes I like. Dale Earnhardt Jr. also speaks his mind on occasion, and I've always liked him. He just needs to win a race. It's not that these guys don't have their faults, especially Busch and Stewart, but real fans stick by their drivers unless they do something completely off the wall.
I'll be commenting regularly, and look for my race favorites and a sleeper pick or two on Fridays.
Until next time ... drive smart.

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