Friday, October 22, 2010

Kahne puts the brakes on RPM and Jimmie the good guy

Kasey Kahne's comments after last week's race about his situation at RPM racing pretty much expedited his exit from the team. Kahne has had brake issues this season and he was suspecting it might have to do with the type of brake fluid the team uses, which was apparently a little cheaper than what most other teams use.
Just speculating here, but one has to wonder if the fact that Kahne was signed to join Red Bull Racing next year made working on his car a little less of priority. Not that anyone would do anything intentional to his car, but maybe when a final check was done on the car before going on the hauler, maybe his car wasn't being checked quite as good. It just seems odd that his car was the only one on the team to have brake issues when date showed he did not use his brakes out of a normal range.
At any rate, Kahne, starting with this week's race in Virginia, will be with Red Bull Racing. That's no surprise after he questioned openly questioned the team after the brake failure last week.
And one other thing, Kahne, even though he became during Saturday night's race, still got up Sunday morning and ran a 5K for his foundation. And Jimmie Johnson, yes that Jimmie Johnson, was one of the drivers who showed up and ran as well. So, like him or not, it's not something Johnson had to do, but did anyway.

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