Saturday, May 22, 2010

NASCAR All-Star Race 2010

Kurt Busch won the million, but the biggest news out this event is Kyle Busch saying on his radio that "Somebody better keep me away from Denny Hamlin. I swear to God, I am going to kill (him). All his ... fault. I had this race won! It was won!” Busch was upset at Hamlin for blocking him on the high side during the late stages of Saturday night's all-star race in Charlotte. It's generally a fun event to watch because there is none of the so-called points racing, it's just about getting the win and isn't that how it should be anyway.
But there could be another reason that Kyle Busch was upset, besides simply not getting a chance to win the race. Maybe Kyle was feeling a little pressure to win the $1 million prize so he could gain some cash to help fund his trucks teams. Even though Busch regularly dominates when he runs in that series, he's had sponsorship issues and is basically running the team out of his own pocket. Even the deep pockets of star NASCAR drivers aren't bottomless.

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