Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some quick impressions on Dover race

It looked like it was Jimmie Johnson's day, but Kyle Busch didn't assume the No. 48 was going to Victory Lane like it has so many times here. He kept the pressure on and it at least contributed to Johnson making a mistake by speeding out of pit lane.

Still no wins for Ford this, but a third today. If you count Johnson, it was really the fourth best car though.
Speaking of Fords, a nice run by Biffle who started 24th and finished sixth.

The official attendance estimate was 88,000. That seems a little high going by the empty seats.

Just 13 cars finished on the lead lap, a testament to how dominating Busch and Johnson were throughout the day.

Johnson has been a little snakebit the last few weeks, but he's still a major contender to win the Chase. He's been one of the fastest cars each week, so he'll get it together in time for the last 10, you can count on that.

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