Friday, May 14, 2010

What I like about Kyle Busch and picks

With Kyle Busch driving in the Trucks, Nationwide and Sprint Cup series this weekend, I was hoping we might see a first with a triple-weekend winner. And even though he dominated for much of the Trucks race, he was short on gas and had to pit causing a 16th place finish. But don't be surprised to see him win in the Nationwide race today, where he's been dominant.
While there are many fans who don't like Busch, you've have to respect that he's a race car driver first. He was asked by a national publication to do a weekly blog for them, but Busch refused, not to be rude, but simply because he felt it wouldn't be interesting. He's not into popular TV shows, or the hottest movie, or the latest big musical group or fashion trend. I doubt we'll ever see him on a soap opera or filling as a TV talk show host. Also, when he talks to the media, you know you're going to get a truly honest answer. What a concept. But above all, he's just really into racing, pure and simple and what's not to like about that?

Time for this week's picks
First, a look at last week, and the not so good results for me

Jeff Gordon, fourth. He led the most laps at 110 and very well could have won if not for missing the entrance to pit road late in the race.
Kevin Harvick, sixth. He's leading the points and has found the necessary consistency to be a champion.
Carl Edwards, 15th. Started poorly, but got back into the top 10, only to fade a little at the end.
Joey Logano, 27th. Was caught up in an accident, but was only running OK before that.
Jimmie Johnson, 36th. He had a top-five car at least, but another accident ruined his day.

The five picks for Dover
Jeff Gordon: He just needs to relax a little. He's had too many chances to win and he's going to run into one soon.
Jimmie Johnson: Too dominant on the concrete not to pick here.
Kasey Kahne: He's my Ford pick for this week. Maybe a good qualifying run is sign of good things to come.
Tony Stewart: He needs a good finish and nearly won at Dover last year.
Kyle Busch: I just wrote about why I liked the guy, so, yeah, he's gotta be one of my five this week.

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