Friday, March 4, 2011

Racing in Lost Wages ... err, Las Vegas

OK, so we're in the desert again in Las Vegas, and maybe Jeff Gordon's car just likes that dry heat out there as he broke his 66-race winless streak last week by winning in Arizona.
First, here's how my five from last week fared:

Carl Edwards - Finished 28th. Had fast car, then was wrecked by Kyle Shrub, so after some extended garage repairs he had to come back out and try to gain a few points, which he did, thanks to a bigger wreck later in the race.
Tony Stewart - Finished 7th. For the second week in a row he was on the front row for the final restart, then faded in the final laps.
Kurt Busch - Finished 8th. He led for a while, 31 laps in all, so not a bad day, not a great day.
Kyle Busch - Finished second. He easily could have won, but Gordog was just a little bit better.
Denny Hamlin - Finished 11th. Not a disaster of a day, but could've been better.

Now on to predictions for the city that lives on predictions:

Kyle Busch - It's his hometown and he'd love to win there.
Kurt Busch - See above. Also has never won at Vegas.
Jeff Gordon - Could this be a bit of rebirthing now (thank you Skillet) for Gordon. I wouldn't be stunned if he gets on a roll.
A.J. Allmendinger - Yes, I'm rolling the dice with this one, but he's off to a nice start.
Jimmie Johnson - OK, playing it safe here. Four wins at Vegas and he looked good in the desert last week before the final pit stop put him in a hole.

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