Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Bristol clear thoughts

Some observations from Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Bristol.

Right now it's Kyle Busch's track. He's won the last five times he's raced there. It's a little ironic that a guy who has been known to have a short temper at times, has mastered a track that is known for making the most patient guys lose their saneness. So has Kyle matured a little or has he just figured out how to race around that half-mile bullring? Probably a little of both.

Speaking of maturity could that be happening to Carl Edwards as well? After the final restart when Busch and Edwards were close for a few laps, Edwards had the opportunity to do some pushing and shoving that is typical at Bristol. And with Kyle Busch as the main competitor, it would have seemed like an inevitable confrontation was ready to happen. But it didn't. While Edwards said he was thinking another yellow would bunch the field back up, the fact is he didn't bump the younger Shrub out of the way when he had the chance.

Other random thoughts: A nice rally by Dale Earnhardt Jr. to finish 11th after going a lap down. He was actually racing, not just riding around out there. ... Paul Menard had a good day taking fifth. It was nice to see somebody different up there. And now he's fifth in points, too. ... Jimmie Johnson fans shouldn't be worried. He's done nothing spectacular but is seventh in points, just 20 behind the leader. ... Kurt Busch's car was all beat up, front and rear, yet he still finished seventh and is now the series points leader by one over Edwards. That's the beauty of Bristol.

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